Privacy Policy

Basic Policy

VOYAGE GROUP, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) gives top priority to personal information protection with recognition that it is the social responsibility imposed to us. Our idea on personal information protection is as provided in the following provisions. The Company deals faithfully with all personal information based on these provisions; in order to realize this basic policy, the Company develops internal rules and improves them continuously.

1. Definition:

Personal information referred to herein is data that cover name, date of birth and other descriptions or numbers or images as well as sounds, by which a single person can be identified (including the information, only with which it is impossible to identify the person; but it can easily be checked up with other information, and by which way, the person can be identified).

2. Compliance with the law, etc.:

The Company has developed “Personal Information Protection Management System” (hereinafter referred to as PMS) to safeguard personal information. Together with ordinances as well as various guidelines related to protection of the personal information, the Company complies with this PMS and does its very best to safeguard the personal information.

3. Organizational activity for personal information protection:

Based on the PMS, the Company has established an internal organization for personal information protection by appointing an administrator in charge of personal information protection as well as a person responsible to safeguard such information.

4. Collection and use of client’s personal information:

The Company sets up the purpose of collection of the personal information clearly and collects the information within the limits of accomplishing those purposes. In addition, the information is collected by legal and fair means.

5. How the Company use clients’ personal information:

The personal information is used within the limits of the purposes that are set up in advance. In addition, the Company prohibits use of the personal information for purposes other than the said purposes, which are not based on the statutes, and takes necessary measures for it.

6. Management of clients’ personal information:

The Company has developed various rules to safeguard the personal information against unauthorized access, alteration, destruction, leakage, and loss; it also seeks out the security system at the highest level possible and corrects it from time to time.

7. Use of cookies:

The Company may obtain clients’ IP address, information on cookies, information on the individual identification information of the cell phone and the like. The Company uses the said information for the purposes of protection of the client’s privacy, enhancement of convenience, delivery of advertisements and obtaining statistical data or the like; the Company does not use them in any way for purposes other than what are stated as above.At times, the Company may allow the third party enterprises, with which the Company entrusts display and delivery of a part of advertisements placed on its website, to acquire client’s cookies information. Use of the cookies information by those third party enterprises is made in accordance with their privacy policies. The third party enterprises, which get the cookies information in the Company’s website as well as their privacy policies are as follows.

8. Making inquiries:

In the case that the Company receives an offer, based on the process of personal information the Company has announced, from the client by-itself on disclosure, revision/addition/deletion of his/her own information, or rejection for use or provision of the information as well as complaints or consultation; it responds to such offer promptly after confirming identification of the said person.

9. Revision of privacy policy:

The Company may revise entire or a part of its privacy policy from time to time. In the case of an important revision, a notice will be posted on the Company’s website by an easy-to-understand way.